Application for Membership

Candidates for Individual Membership should:

  1. Complete your details below,
  2. Select the category of membership you are applying for,
  3. Provide the details of an existing Spirit of Australia Foundation member who has agreed to nominate you or indicate that you are seeking a nominator (in which case you will be contacted by the Foundation),
  4. Agree to the undertaking, and
  5. Click on submit

You will then have the option of paying online or receiving an invoice for payment by Direct Credit or Cheque.

Applications are reviewed and approved at regular Executive meetings following receipt of the application, nominator confirmation and full payment.

To apply for Corporate Membership please use our Contact Us form

If you require assistance in completing this Individual Membership form online please complete the Contact Us form and one of our volunteers will contact you.

Membership Application

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The default payment system is Master Card, Visa or Paypal. To pay for Membership Offline by Direct Credit, Cheque or Money Order tick here:

Undertaking by Applicant

In the event of my admission as a Member of the Foundation, I agree to be bound by the Rules of the Foundation for the time being in force.

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