Significant Australians

Who has made Australia as we know it? We have 116 years of history since our Federation in 1901.

Sir John Monash is remembered as our greatest Australian for his contributions to the development of Australia as a leader in peace and war through his many activities in engineering, law, military leadership and administration, education and community building.

We honor Significant Australians who have made a significant contribution to our community. We name 116 Australians, and select 11 Great Australians (11 decades since Federation) for particular honor.

Your list may contain other names - there are so many wonderful Australians. Let us know your list.

If you wish to nominate a new Significant Aussie for the top 11 please indicate who is to be replaced. We would love to hear your reasons.


As a general rule sports people, politicians, religious and entertainers are not considered unless they have made considerable contribution outside their field.

SoA Significant Aussies (SAs)

1 = The SoA Significant Aussie - Gen. Sir John Monash
1 for each decade ie. n=11
1 for each year of our Federation ie. n=116

1 Gen. Sir John Monash
Caroline Chisholm
Dame Nellie Melba
Harry Chauvel
Lord Howard Florey
Maj Gen. Frederick Gallagher ‘Black Jack’ Galleghan DSO OBE ISO
Matthew Flinders
Rev. John Flynn
Sir Charles Kingsford Smith
Sir David Martin
Sir Donald Bradman
Sir Edward (‘Weary’) Dunlop
Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet
Sir Roden Cutler V.C.
Sister Vivian Bullwinkel
Adam Lindsay Gordon
Banjo Paterson
Eddie Mabo
Fred Hollows
H.V. McKay
Henry Lawson
Ian Clunies Ross
Patrick White
Percy Grainger
Peter Lalor
Sir Douglas Mawson
Sir Isaac Isaacs
Wills and Burke