Dr Kevin O'Flaherty PhD

Dr O'Flaherty is dedicated to increasing awareness of Australians, old and young, about significant national events and Australians who have contributed to the wider community. He has been CEO and director of Australian companies, organisations and national and state sports, held top management positions with Federal and State Governments and in the private sector, and been a tenured lecturer and researcher at Universities in Australia and USA.

His specialities are planning and futures development. Kevin is married with 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

Kevin is a writer, lyricist, poet and researcher, particularly of the incredible Australian contribution on the Western Front to ending WW1 far earlier than expected. His current works are 1918, his epic poem, and the libretto for Peace – A Cantata for John Monash.

Dr O'Flaherty was a delegate to the Australian Olympic Committee 1995-2000. He embedded the Acclaim Awards at the Rotary Club of Melbourne, chairs 0808 Inc., convenes 0808@Shrine Remembrance of the Battle of Amiens each 8 August at The Shrine of Remembrance and established the Monash Medal to honor annually a significant Australian for outstanding contribution to the community.

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