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Sir John Monash sculpture dedication

On the centenary of the battle of Hamel, the Australian War Memorial has dedicated a new sculpture in the Memorial’s grounds commemorating the life and achievements of General Sir John Monash.


Celebrating 100 Years of Mateship

100 Years of Australian - American Mateship - a bond forged under fire

On 4 July 2018 Australia and the United States of America celebrated the first 100 Years of Mateship. 


Governor General leads Le Hamel memorial service

The Governor-General, His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), and Lady Cosgrove led Australia’s representation at the centenary memorial service for the Battle of Hamel during their visit to France on 4 July.


100 years on remembering the Battle of Hamel

On 4 July 1918 the Australian Corps, led by General Sir John Monash, were victorious at the Battle of Hamel.

The Battle of Hamel was a major milestone in Australian military history and cemented the reputation of commander General John Monash.


Sir John Monash Centre Opens at Viller-Bretonneux

On 24 April 2018, the centenary of the crucial Australian victory at the Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux, the Sir John Monash Centre was launched by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, together with the Prime Minister of the Republic of France, His Excellency Monsieur Édouard Philippe.


Monash profiled on ABC Radio

Roland Perry, author of ‘Monash, the Outsider Who Won a War’ and Spirit of Australia Director interviewed by the ABC on the leadership and legacy of Sir John Monash


Launch of Monash Commemorative Coins

The legacy of General Sir John Monash been recognised in two commemorative coins produced by the Royal Australian Mint.  

The coins, produced by the Royal Australian Mint (the Mint), pay tribute to one of our most distinguished Australians. A brilliant military tactician, Sir John Monash played a pivotal role in Australia’s participation in the First World War


Centenary of the Battle of Hamel

Planned and executed by General Sir John Monash GC KCB VD and regarded as the “textbook example” of an efficient and effective set-piece military engagement, the centenary of the Battle of Hamel will be marked on 4 July 2018.


Australian Cricket Team remembers

The Australian cricket team has spent several days learning about the sacrifice of Australian forces on the Western Front a century ago. 

Led by team captain Tim Paine, the cricketers embarked on a quiet act of commemoration to honour a past generation of young men who fought and fell on the now silent battlefields of Belgium and France.


Monash and Chauvel

Why write MONASH AND CHAUVEL? It’s now nearly a century since the deciding year of the First World War, 1918.

I wanted a book that encapsulated the impact of the First AIF in the two major fronts of that War. The best way was to combine the two narratives in one. By a bit of luck it worked.

Roland Perry


Jacqueline Mowbray 2017 Monash Service address

Jacqueline Mowbray, 2004 General Sir John Monash Scholar addresses the 2017 Monash Service at St Catherines NSW.


BRIG David Smith AM DSM on Leadership

During my time in the army, I have also learned many things about leadership. Some of these things I have learned by doing (and often failing) and others from watching and working directly for some of the finest leaders in the nation including General Sir Peter Cosgrove, the current chief of Army Lieutenant General Angus Campbell and the former Queensland flood task force commander and forces commander Australia Major General Mick Slater (retired).


Monash approached battles as he approached engineering projects

Monash approached battles as he approached engineering projects ...  BRIG David Smith AM DSM speaks at the 2017 Victorian General Sir John Monash Service.


Campaign to promote General Sir John Monash to rank of Field Marshal

The Spirit of Australia Foundation endorses Saluting Monash Council’s campaign to promote General Sir John Monash to rank of Field Marshal.


General Sir John Monash's Relevance Today

2017 Monash Service speech by representative of Chief of Army, Brigadier Phillip Moses, at St Catherine’s School Waverley, NSW, based upon a brief by Roland J Perry, author of “Monash – The Outsider who won a War”.


John Monash

This biography of Sir John Monash is published by the State Electricity of Victoria as a tribute to a great man. It was written by Vernon R. Northwood, with assistance from the late Dr. Gershon Bennett, son-in-law of Sir John Monash, and was first published in the “S.E.C. Magazine” in December 1950.


The Legacy Of Monash In The Australian Army Of Today

An address by MAJGEN Paul McLachlan AM CSC, Head Land Systems on the occasion of the Spirit of Australia Foundation 2015 Monash Commemorative Service, on Friday 14th August 2015.